The Role Of Eco Research Service In Pest Control And Management

Pests are always unwanted and can lead to massive damage of property and natural vegetation. Untamed animals, like Red Fox and European Rabbits, are considered pest because of their nature to damage the natural vegetation and agricultural products. Also, Red fox kills livestock, and they are considered more dangerous for the loss of productivity. In this article you will come to know how ecological research services work on the management of the feral pests to safeguard the natural vegetation.


The pests causes massive damage of agri products and livestock

These feral animals are directly involved behind the destruction or declination of flora and fauna species over the country. If vegetation assessments from Victoria are done then it will be very clear that how much impact these pests have over vegetation. Not only that, livestock is on risk as Red Fox has the nature to attack livestock and make them their easy prey. So, overall it has created a massive damage on agricultural and farm products.


Loss of money and productivity

Feral animals cause a huge monetary loss as they not only damage the products, but can lower down productivity of farms. They are also responsible for crop consumption and land degradation. As these animals make dens or warrens, they also cause soil erosion and impact biodiversity. Experienced environmental consultants can give you the best possible suggestion or pest management planning for smooth eradication of such pests.


How to maintain productivity?

The only way to maintain agri productivity and conservation of biodiversity can be done by effective pest management process. According to the Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994, it has become mandatory for the landowners to maintain biodiversity and productivity of agricultural products. The pest management service will help you to get rid of such unwanted animals through significant control strategies.


The process of control and management

The eco research service for pest management follows 1080 poison bating and shooting process for effective pest management. The control measures also include removal of den and warrens and make the place unsuitable for feral animals. In this effective pest control process, the services also prepare specific pest management plan and execute them. These plans ensure satisfactory result for long term.The commercial licence from DEPI helps the services to work freely in any such lands and control pests. Also, pest control is required to check financial losses faced by landowners or livestock owners. However, it is mandatory to hire a service that holds a licence and experience in this very segment.