How Do You Know You’re Suffering From An Ear Infection?

Ear infections may not be very common in adults as it is in little kids, but that doesn’t mean that there is no chance for an adult to also suffer from this. Ear infections are certainly dangerous if not handle right in the first stages itself. It may even lead to you lose your hearing. So here are some symptoms you need to be aware of to identify whether you are suffering from such an infection yourself.

Inner infection

Ear infections either happen on the inside, the out or in the middle behind your ear drum. Therefore knowing what kind, it is and the symptoms for them, would certainly go a long way in deciding whether you can solve it by lighting buy ear candles online or paying a visit to the doctors. When it comes to inner infections, it is more of an inflammation rather than an infection in itself. So you most probably would be feeling nauseous or vomiting or dizziness in addition to the ear ache.

The middle

The middle part of an ear referred here is the area at the back of your eardrum. Such an infection is also known as otitis media and mostly caused because fluid being trapped behind the ear drum. When you have a bath or swim often you might have certainly experienced this pain at least once, especially if you made no effort to get out the water in the first instance. Of course for this kind you can try to buy ear candles and see how well they work especially if your ears are feeling weirdly full and some fluid flowing out from the affected place. Generally this sort of infection also comes with a fever, so that’s like a clear indicator for you to understand the exact cause and problem!

The outside

Here the outside of an ear is the area from the eardrum to the outer area of your head. And so, this sort of infection is also known as otitis externa. This infection might start off with as an itch and rash but later it could result in pain, reddening and even swelling. So it is essential that you take note of the symptoms as soon as they start showing. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should be running to the doctor every time you are suffering from an ear ache. But if it has been there for more than 3 days, then you might want to get it checked out. This way you wouldn’t have to face the worst effects of it as it develops with time.